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The rise of the life coach.

Not so long ago if you had asked someone what a life coach was you would likely have been met by a puzzled expression or a mumbled ‘random guess’ answer.

Yet the word coach is believed to have originated in the 1500s and was defined then as a ‘large four-wheeled, covered carriage’, a vehicle designed to get you from one place to another. In the 1830s the term was adapted and began to be used to describe an instructor or trainer who ‘carries’ a student through an exam. Over the next few years the word became more widely associated with athletics and sport with nearly all professional athletes engaging a coach or team of coaches to help them progress and hone their skills in their chosen discipline to assist them in becoming the best that they can be.

World leaders and successful business people have engaged coaches and mentors in various forms for centuries. Why then after all this time do we still find it hard to ask someone for help in becoming better at what we want to do or be? why is it perceived as a failure by some to ask for help or seek guidance to grow as an individual?

The truth is we are scared and somewhat unprepared. For too long we have been surrounded by media and messages telling us that we can ‘have it all’ or we can ‘be what we whatever we want to be’ without actually offering any guidance or advise to help us achieve this. We are all streamed through school and led to believe that in order to become successful or achieve we need to study and get good grades so we can go on to college or university and then land our dream job, meet our dream partner and ride off into the sunset happy and contented living our best lives. Why then are around 21% of adults in the UK thought to suffer some form of depression and why does a 2019 survey report that 34% of the UK workforce are unhappy in their current jobs? At what point did we go wrong or stop dreaming about what was to be in our lives and start settling?

The good news is its not too late. Que the LIFE COACH! Life coaching is on the rise with professional and athletic coaching having long become an accepted norm. Many ordinary people are now looking to life coaches to help them assess, set and achieve goals in all areas of their life.

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