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Reclaim your dream life.

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reclaim your dream life

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I’m Christine.

I’m just a normal everyday soul, nothing too fussy or hectic, I am a wife and a mum to two really great kids.
I have known my fair share of struggles in life while learning to navigate adulting and parenting. I spent several years wondering where I went wrong and if this was really ‘as good as it gets’. After turning my life around and creating a reality for myself and my family that far exceeded my initial expectations I realised that my purpose was to help others do the same so I decided to retrain as a Life Coach. I now provide transformational life coaching for people like you who may need a little help stepping outside their comfort zone, let go of limiting beliefs and reclaiming the dreams and ambitions that they have put aside or put ‘on hold’ while daily life got in the way.
I can help you realise the best version of yourself, give you a safe space to explore your goals and help motivate you to get things done, reclaim your dream life and start living it now.


Why do you need a coach?

What benefits can you expect from engaging with my coaching?

What is a Life Coach?

My goal is to provide you with support and offer guidance and direction to help you overcome life’s challenges and complexities. Although the field of life coaching is relatively new, its such a natural thing to turn to others to help you develop. If your way is not working is it time to try something different?

What can a life coach do for you?

Everyone can lose their way and find themselves feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by life’s challenges. I can help you regain focus and establish your goals and a clear path to achieving them. Do you have a specific goal or problem you need to overcome or do you just want to do more? Stop procrastinating and start achieving those goals.

Who needs a life coach?

Sort answer is everyone can benefit from engaging with a coach . Put simply you can become the very best version of you. Do you find yourself longing for change. Do you have a burning desire for more but find yourself unsure of how to get moving and which direction you should take? I can help you reclaim your dreams and build the life you have always wanted.

How long does the process take?

My coaching is bespoke. Because it is tailored to your specific needs it cant have a specific time frame allocated to it. one-on-one sessions will typically last an hour and a half, time frame will be discussed and agreed upon after establishing your requirements and main areas of focus.



Coaching Packages to suit all needs
One-to-One Life coaching sessions

Bespoke Coaching Programme to help you become the very best version of you.

Reclaim your dream life

12 week online programme to help you look at all areas of your life and make planned and tracked changes to get you living your best life.

Goal Getters Programme

6 week online self-study goal setting programme to help you adopt a mindset for transformation, set clear and achievable goals and motivate you to take action for change.



What other people think.

Christine managed to completely understand me and what I needed to help me achieve from day one. With her help I’ve gone from an overwhelmed stay at home mum to an organised and high achieving mum-trepreneur. managing a side hustle that still lets me focus on my young family.


Full time mummy and side hustle entrepreneur



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Never stop dreaming

“A dream is a wish your Heart makes, when you’re fast asleep”


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